5 Games Coming in 2015 That Could Save the PlayStation Vita

May 29


You can’t help but pity the poor PS Vita.  The hand-held console was delivered by Sony in 2011 to much fanfare; at that year’s E3, Chairman Kaz Hirai read the teleprompter with as much faux enthusiasm as he could muster, declaring that “What you’ve come to know as NGP, or Next-Generation Portable, is officially named PlayStation Vita. So what does Vita mean? Vita means life.”  But, like some illegitimate offspring, the Vita never seemed to get the follow-up support it needed from the company.  Similar to the PSP Go  and PS TV, the Vita seemed curiously abandoned by its parent right from the get-go, and the discussions about its impending death have raged ever since.

But don’t count out the Vita just yet.  The console is still alive, amazingly, and is actually starting to win over a cult following.  Why?  Well it’s no secret that first-party support for the device has all but dried up, but third-party games, including small and indie titles, are finding a huge audience on it.  And 2015 promises to be one of the biggest years ever.  Can the PS Vita be saved?  Well, these 5 titles coming in 2015 just might do it.

Persona 4: Dancing All Night – Releasing Q2 2015

I will admit that I am not normally a fan of rhythm games, but I am a huge fan of the Shin Megami Tensei (Persona) series.  In fact, I love Persona 4 Golden so much, I think that game alone makes buying a PS Vita or PS TV worth the money.  And Persona 4: Dancing All Night looks really cool.  It is sort-of a sequel to Persona 4, in which you once again solve a mystery involving missing persons – but this time, the people you save are members of a J-Pop idol group.  You engage in dance battles with the usual Shadows to a soundtrack created just for the game.  If you played the previous games, you know that the music was one of the strengths of this series – so a music rhythm title actually makes a lot of sense – just maybe don’t have the volume turned up if you play this in a crowded public place. – See more at: http://canadianonlinegamers.com/feature/5-games-coming-in-2015-that-could-save-the-playstation-vita/#sthash.4hLaDQMV.dpuf


See more at: http://canadianonlinegamers.com/feature/5-games-coming-in-2015-that-could-save-the-playstation-vita/#sthash.4hLaDQMV.dpuf


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