505 Games acquires Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons IP for $500K

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Mar 25

Today, 505 Games has announced its acquisition of Swedish studio Starbreeze’s critically acclaimed puzzle-platformer game, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons – a deal that’s worth $500,000.

In a press release, both 505 Games and Starbreeze celebrated the deal.

505 Games president Ian Howe said, “Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is a remarkable game, one of the most affecting games of the last generation and one of which 505 Games has been very proud to be associated. The acquisition reflects 505 Games’ stated strategy of owning and controlling its own IP (Intellectual Property), and moreover, IP that can contribute something meaningful to the world of interactive entertainment.”

Starbreeze CEO Bo AnderssonKlint said in turn that “The sale represents our final transition to the digital strategy. With Brothers, we’ve created a strong and critically acclaimed IP, which we now feel can be best nurtured under a new owner. Going forward, we will continue development focused on expansive design, a concept proven with the Payday franchise. Brothers will continue to generate awe and admiration for the great storytelling standard Josef Fares set under 505 Games’ watchful eye.”


With Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Starbreezegained strong traction with critics and gamers alike. The game was one of the best and most memorable titles of 2013, going on to sell over 800,000 units to date. The game told a story that has a pretty clear beginning and end, so we’re not quite sure what a natural sequel would have in store for us.

Obviously, there’s still room to tell unrelated stories within the Brothers, but that would mean finding a mechanic that would fit the narrative as well as the game’s twin stick, dual-control mechanic related to its characters.

It’s still unclear what 505 Games will do with the game, but whatever it is, they’ll have to do it without Brothers’ creative mastermind, film director Josef Fares, as he moved on to his own studio, Hazelight, which is currently working on a yet unnamed title for Electronic Arts, which we had a quick peek of during The Game Awards back in December.

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