South Korea gets endless runner RockmanGoGo! on Android

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May 4


We were surprised when Capcom snuck a new Mega Man title onto the market yesterday without so much as a peep. And just when we’re getting excited, it’s not what we thought it was.



Turns out it’s a South Korean-exclusive endless runner on the Android platform.

Titled RockmanGoGo!, this officially-licensed Mega Man mobile game is a collaboration between Capcom and South Korean mobile developer Jenoi. The South Korean studio got involved with Capcom after porting Capcom’s iOS library to Android.

Do the graphical assets look familiar? They sure are, because a whole lot of them are reused from Mega Man Powered Up, 2006’s PSP remake of the franchise’s launching.

RockmanGoGo! gives players control of their choice of Mega Man, Powered Up’s selection of 8 Robot Masters (Coincidence? I think not!), and more as they run through linear missions occasionally dotted by boss shootouts.

It looks OK for an Android game, but speaking in behalf of the massive Mega Man fan base, this isn’t at all what we had in mind. Oh, well.


Source: Kotaku, Sports Chosun

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