Saints Row IV: Gat out of Hell for $5 by mistake; Gamestopwon’t be honoring pre-orders

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Apr 6

Have you pre-ordered Saints Row: Gat out of Hell for $4.99? Too good to be true, right? Well, prepare yourself to be disappointed because according to Deep Silver’s PR and Marketing Manager, Will Powers, these orders will not be honored.

Apparently, Gamestop had the PC version of the game up on their US store page for more than a day now, and at a shocking $4.99 price tag. Turns out that Gat out of Hell was supposed to retail at $19.99. Of course, a lot of people have gone and bought the amazing deal. But a tweet from Powers put a halt to it all.

This is not real”, Powers said, “Orders won’t be honored, sorry.”

The error has now been fixed on Gamestop, Steam, and other shops, but even a brief 75% price reduction would have resulted in a much lower profit margin. Deep Silver’s refusal to honor the pre-orders is quite understandable, but this is still frustrating for those who managed to buy the standalone expansion to Saints Row IV at a lower price.

When the news broke out, some people were irked, with minor outrage spreading through Twitter. Some people even went on to accuse Deep Silver of “false advertising”, while others insisted the company needed to be more “loyal to your customers.”

So, guys, if you’re thinking about purchasing the expansion, prepare yourself to cough up more than just $5 before the game is released next week!

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