Date Announced for Team Fortress 2 Arena Respawn Showdown 2015

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Mar 30

Heads up, Team Fortress fans! Between January 23 and 25, TF2 players of all skill levels are invited to take part in the battle for survival with the Arena Respawn Showdown 2015.

Arena Respawn is a game mode with no respawn timers, so the only way for you to return in-game if you die is for one of your teammates to capture the central control point. Presented by the EdgeGamers Organization, the Showdown is comprised of two five-player teams, following a ladder-style tournament where we hope to see some interesting play-offs as challengers face off against one another to swap places with their higher-ranked rivals.

You can sign up to join the Showdown until the end of January 16. EdgeGamers has provided a set of Rules and FAQs for those who are interested. You can also find the sign-ups page here if you want to join in with all the homicidal fun.

Visit the TF2 blog or the EdgeGamers Organization’s official homepage for more information and updates.

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