New WARFRAME: MESA is here to kick your sorry behind!

PC    PS4    XBOX ONE   
Nov 28


A NEW WARFRAME – Mesa, the Gunslinger. An expert marksman, Mesa is a blend of crowd control and punishing gunplay. She is introduced to have the ability of polarity, Revealing to be able to push and pull incoming projectiles using them to her advantage.

Mesa’s four skills include:

  • Ballistic Battery: Store up damage you release on the enemy into a single deadly shot.
  • Shooting Gallery: bolster your allies’ damage while jamming enemy weapons at random.
  • Shatter Shield: Reflect incoming enemy fire back at a random enemy.
  • Peacemaker: Unleash Mesa’s custom slinger pistols and show your enemies what it means to be the best at what you do.

Included in the new update is a new Event, Boss, Customization Options, Mission Type and more!!

Check out more on Mesa and Warframe! WARFRAME is available for FREE on PC, PS4, and XBOX ONE.

Below is an overview video of the new WARFRAME, MESA.

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