Valve reveals The International 2015 dates

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May 8


Recently, Valve has announced that The International DOTA 2 Championships for 2015 will begin on Monday August 3, and will be running for 6 days. 16 teams overall will battle for the title.

Further details have not yet been revealed, but Valve is hoping to announce the dates soon so fans would have plenty of time to plan for the said event. Invitations to teams will be sent out after May 1.

Last year, The International took place in July, garnering more than 20 million unique viewers and over 2 million peak concurrent users from across the globe. The event was also broadcast by ESPN for the first time in history. Sources report afterward that the network was “delighted” by the whirlwind success of its coverage and plans to further expand its e-sports programming. However, ESPN President John Skipper is somewhat less enthusiastic about the prospect a couple months later. Let’s just hope he changes his mind early on this year.


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