World of Tanks Goes 8-bit for “Winter Showdown” Event

May 14


Winter is coming in the World of Tanks! The Winter Showdown event for the highly popular massively multiplayer online game sounds commonplace but this time, it’s an 8-bit mode.



The trailer does look wintery, but more than that, it looks like somebody recreated the game in Minecraft. However, there’s more to the game that just the blocky graphics, as Winter Showdown adds mega platoons that support up to five players instead of just three, with dozens of new missions and gameplay modes. Winter Showdown also brings a trio of hot new tanks: The Arctic Fox light tank, the Mammoth heavy tank, and the Polar Bear tank destroyer.

Winter Showdown is free to play on the PC. It will go live on January 26, except in Korea, where the action will begin much earlier, on January 15.

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