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Oct 28
Magicka 2 Review

Aug 22
Magnetic: Cage Close Review

Jul 17
Audiosurf 2 Review

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Jun 16
Guild Wars 2’s capital city is being rebuilt

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Jun 9
Heroes of the Storm is now in open beta

Jun 4
Titan Souls Review

May 14
World of Tanks Goes 8-bit for “Winter Showdown” Event

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May 11
Walk Through the Dark Path of Wonderland: An Alice: Madness Returns Game Review

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May 8
Valve reveals The International 2015 dates

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May 6
The Witcher 3 official system requirements released

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May 1
Riot building its own, dedicated network for LoL traffic in North America

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Apr 20
Positive League of Legends players will get free stuff

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Apr 17
New NASCAR game coming to Xbox One, PS4, PC in 2016

Apr 14
Minimum and recommended PC specifications for Evolve revealed

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Apr 8
GTA 5 sees delay on PC

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Apr 7
GTA 5 PC system requirements released

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Apr 6
Saints Row IV: Gat out of Hell for $5 by mistake; Gamestopwon’t be honoring pre-orders

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Apr 1
Drift Stage Reveals Pre-Kickstarter Demo

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Mar 31
Dragon Ball Xenoverse release sees slight delay

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Mar 30
Date Announced for Team Fortress 2 Arena Respawn Showdown 2015