Destiny: House of Wolves- These Fallen Aint Loyal

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May 20


[Only the PvE elements of the expansion have been reviewed]
We were hardly receptive when news broke out that the latest expansion for Destiny would not feature a raid and instead, would feature a glorified horde mode. Destiny’s end game challenges used to offer some value to a game that primarily relied far too heavily on recycling the same experiences over and over again. With the game also suffering from a real failure to deliver a substantive and meaningul story, all eyes were on the House of Wolves as the last hope, for it to fill the massive void left by the standalone game. The latest expansion for Destiny has been released today and within a few hours the crew at Gameondaily had pretty much completed all that it had to offer. From the beginning to the very end, we kept holding out hope, thinking, surely there was more to game than the same recycled content? We were wrong. Destiny: House of Wolves extends the failures of the standalone game and here’s why.

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