PlayStation Network back online after almost 3 days after Christmas attack

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Dec 28

Christmas was a little gloomy for some gamers, as both Xbox Live and PlayStation Network were taken offline, just as hundreds of thousands unwrapped their brand-new games and consoles and plugged them for the first time. But almost three days later after the outage, gamers are now free to play online.
PSN engineers brought the service back online on Saturday, while Microsoft had Xbox Live back up and running last Friday.
In a blog post, Sony has confirmed that its network has fallen victim to a distributed denial of service attack (DDoS), overwhelming their servers with “artificial” or junk traffic. We also have reason to believe that Xbox Live was subjected to the same attack.
In an earlier report, the hacker group Lizard Squad has taken credit for the recent attacks on both PSN and Xbox Live, but the group said on Twitter that it had ceased attacks late on Christmas day after receiving several hundred dollars’ worth of gift cards from Kim Dotcom. With Dotcom being the peacemaker who made the hack group cease the attacks, service has largely been restored. But we can’t be sure whether it’s coincidence or literally Lizard Squad pressing the “off” button.
It remains unclear what kept Sony’s service offline for so much longer after the attacks were reportedly ceased. But for now, let’s enjoy the rest of the long holiday break!

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