Far Cry 4 disappears from Xbox Store, rendered unplayable on Xbox One

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Apr 3

In a freakish accident, it appears that Far Cry 4 has disappeared from the Xbox Store for some users, rendering digital copies of the game impossible to play. Ubisoft are said to be treating reports of the issue as a “matter of urgency”.


Ubisoft Community Manager, Mr_Shade, has confirmed that this is a known issue and have released this on the subject:

The team are actively investigating the issue this side, however it’s also worth contacting Xbox support – since it appears that the game has been removed from the Store – this has happened for some – please check if it’s still available to you – if not, it ‘could’ be related to that, which MS are investigating too – however as I say, Ubisoft are looking into the issue as a matter of urgency.”


Users discovered the issue when attempting to start the game on their consoles and instead of starting the game, the Xbox asks “Do you own this game or app?” For some people who have purchased a digital copy of the game, the request to insert the game disc is enough to cause panic. Trying to find the game on the Xbox Store is even more worrisome.

At the time of writing, there is currently no word on the cause or any estimated time for a fix. If you’re experiencing the same issue, head on over to Ubisoft’s Far Cry 4 forum or Xbox Support and offer them as much information as possible.


This is a developing story. Make sure to check back for more updates.

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